Jadranka Group encourages excellence of its employees and continuously invests millions on education and other forms of training and education.

The emphasis is on developing our own human resources by transferring the know-how and widening good practice to existing young staff who continue to improve and develop, as well as to new staff. New trends and ways of doing business encourage us to keep up with all the challenges we are confronted with, so education is enhanced every year and new and higher levels of training are being set up, especially in the service sector. Lifelong education, that is, constant education is highlighted.

In order to address all trends, in our educational segment we cooperate with renowned education establishments, faculties and lecturers outside Croatia that constitute the education system in Jadranka Group.

Continuous group training in all departments

By entering the system, employees first go through general training to obtain general information about the system, the organization, rules of conduct, safety at work, and other important information.

The specificities of the training offered by Jadranka is the internal Gastro Academy for high 5* hotel service, as well as the highly specialized training for bartenders, sommeliers, concierges... The Gastro Academy is held once a year for two months to provide the new and existing employees with the knowledge and skills needed to work in high-category hotels.

In addition to the Gastro Academy, numerous group educations and trainings are being held. This way, all departments within the Group provide departmental training in which they transfer departmental work instructions (e.g. reception, household, wellness, kitchen, restaurant, bar, shop). Over time, employees who stand out for their work and their attitude towards work are promoted to internal trainers who hold professional training (e.g. household, cooking, confectionery workshops, etc.).

There are also specialized foreign language courses that are tailored to the needs of individual departments (English, German, Italian and Russian), as well as expert seminars and trainings for sales skills development, PC skills, management skills and many others.

Specific individual training

For employees who stand out for the quality of their work, their contribution, and their attitude towards work, we offer opportunities for promotion through further learning and taking on more complex jobs (promotion). For specific occupations such as butler, concierge, sommelier, we organise individual training courses. We are happy to have among our staff the first butlers in Croatia who were educated at the International Academy.

Support in further formal education

The Jadranka Group supports all employees who decide to continue their formal education (university, master, specialist studies, etc.) parallel to their work.