Environmental impact statements

Jadranka Group

The Management of Jadranka d.d. informs all the employees of the members of the Jadranka Group of its Quality and Environmental Management Policy.


With the aim of satisfying the needs of our clients, owners and the local community on a continuous basis, the Company's mission is to become recognizable as a company providing a modern integrated tourism product that reflects our dedication to a healthy lifestyle, our personalized client services and Lošinj's heritage. To our employees, we offer a stimulating work environment and our island community as a socially and environmentally responsible partner.

With the Company's mission in mind, Jadranka d.d. is currently in the process of implementing a qualitative and quantitative growth strategy whose aim is to increase the Company's performance efficiency in the future, particularly by maintaining the leading position in health tourism but also by ensuring the best experience of a healthy vacation in the Adriatic region and by focusing on the guests.

To that end, the Company commits itself to and persists in:

  • creating 'healthy lifestyle' products and services for customers with higher expectations, 
  • providing personalized services by focusing on the customer, 
  • preserving permanent landscape values and local community heritage, 
  • maintaining its responsibility as one of the local community economic development drivers, 
  • providing continuing education and a stimulating work environment to its employees.


We believe that we can achieve our full potential by following our new philosophy that will guide the future development of Jadranka d.d., by achieving a competitive advantage and a strong and recognizable market position, as well as by creating an appropriate culture within the company and positive experiences together with our guests. We are focusing on our further efforts aimed at preserving the exceptional natural environment of Lošinj. These are the main ideas shaping the Company's existing products and services, as well as the new development projects that we will execute either independently or in cooperation with partners. In the efforts to achieve a stronger market position in terms of the quality it provides, Jadranka d.d. will in the future no longer rest simply on knowing its customer and his expectations. The Company will try to top that and surprise its customers with innovativeness and creativity in all its business segments.

To be the most innovative organization in the region of Istria and Kvarner in all of its activities, known throughout the world and recognized in Croatia as the company applying the best available practices and respecting the principles of environmental protection.

In that regard, Jadranka Group:

  • in the field of tourism, provides the best healthy vacation experience in the Adriatic region, 
  • in the field of commerce, provides a quality offer of products, carefully selected to suit the needs of different customer types, 
  • in the field of food service, introduces healthy food in its food-service facilities.

Quality and Environmental Management Policy

The business success of the Jadranka Group rests on the efforts of all employees aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction.

We strive to achieve satisfaction of our customers and other stakeholders (owners, employees, suppliers and the community we operate in) by implementing a Quality and Environmental Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

The Quality and Environmental Management System has been implemented and maintained in order to ensure that employees at all levels are committed to:

  • respecting the relevant laws and other applicable regulations, 
  • identifying and satisfying customer demands and needs, 
  • preventing environmental pollution, 
  • protecting human health and safety, 
  • ensuring responsible natural resources management, 
  • complying with established procedures and assigned responsibilities, 
  • improving the efficiency of our procedures and business processes on a continuous basis.

The Management takes care that annual goals concerning quality and environmental issues are regularly defined, thus enabling the achievement of the general goals set and the policy defined.

Sanjin Šolić 
CEO, Jadranka d.d.