Scholarship and training program

In its human resources strategy, Jadranka Group dedicates special attention to scholarships for high school and university students during their studies with the aim of continuous employment of young and professional staff. Jadranka Group currently funds 60 students, and spends around one million HRK annually on scholarships.

We offer all students the opportunity to get quality practical experience as soon as they enter the working world, provide them with professional and high-quality training in top category facilities, under the guidance of top mentors who introduce them to the world's best practices and trends in the hotel business.

Jadranka Group offers the possibility of conducting practical study courses and grants scholarships for students who will participate in achieving common goals after completing their education and contribute to the successful further expansion of business quality development of Jadranka Group through their professional and creative work. We invest in young people who will be offered the opportunity to continue their life and career with Jadranka Group after graduating and returning home.

In cooperation with four high schools at the local and national level, we provide practical study courses for students of hospitality and commercial professions. Students who meet the criteria (grades and conduct) qualify for the opportunity to complete summer-long professional practice at Jadranka hotel facilities (exclusively 4* and 5* facilities) and Jadranka stores, and the possibility of remaining employed through the student employment service.

Trainee students are promised:

· work in an innovative and stimulating environment and acquiring experience from experienced and expert mentors

· possibility of scholarships for the best students/trainees, and scholarship holders are offered permanent employment upon completing their education

· proper remuneration for their practice

· for students with residence outside of Mali Lošinj we provide accommodation, meals and paid travel expenses of arrival/departure

· participation in internal training for the duration of the practice/employment relationship