Socially responsible business

Business which is committed to high standards, protecting the highest quality, working conditions and obligations is our primary responsibility. Responsibility towards the community and its prosperity, nature and environmental quality, food, drink and medicinal herbs manufacturers, our customers, clients and guests has been interwoven into our business philosophy.

Our employees are our greatest value and strength

Our people represent our strength, our pride, and our drive. Permanent investment into and concern for our employees has made us a proud award-winning employer for many years. The Group takes care of its employees and strives to develop a long-term story with them, and we invest significant amounts, in Croatian terms, into their additional education, and in addition to a regular salary, we provide them with a number of benefits. We encourage them through all phases: from providing scholarships, through employment, monitoring results and satisfaction, salaries, and career development. The fact that we came third in the survey conducted by MojPosao web portal Best Croatian Employer of 2015 in the category of large companies provides evidence to support this.

The key values that the Jadranka Group encourages in its employees are excellence, honesty, reliability, consistency, friendliness and teamwork.

Our customers

The recognition received by the Jadranka Group on a daily basis are the best confirmation of the systematic investment of the Group. What mostly stands out is the work, the constant effort and commitment of all of our employees, so we consider every new recognition to be extremely valuable. We especially find joy in the daily satisfaction of our guests and customers, and they are the reason why we strive to be the best and to make great efforts every day to make their stay on Lošinj as enjoyable as possible.

During the last two years, our hotels have won more than twenty national, regional and international professional awards and recognitions. Of course, it is necessary to highlight the Certificate of Excellence awarded by TripAdvisor, the world's largest tourist travel and accommodation booking portal, which has been earned by all of our hotels. The certificate confirms excellence in tourism, and is awarded exclusively to tourist establishments that contribute to a high-quality user experience by the quality of the services provided, and which have continuously and during a period of at least one year been achieving outstanding traveller reviews. It is also worth mentioning the special award of the jury in the Innovative Spa&Health Resort Destination category, the Brand Leader Award 2016 for outstanding contribution to the tourism market, the recognition of Hotel Alhambra as the best Luxury Boutique Spa in Croatia, the Condé Nast Johansens Award for excellence in the Best Destination Spa category awarded to Hotel Bellevue and many others.

Our camping sites have also won numerous awards and recognitions by the industry for continuous investment and improvement of our camping offer and service, such as those for the most innovative marketing product, the most innovative camping product, and ultimately, the most innovative leisure product.

Our partners

We are a regular and reliable payer and a partner that complies with assumed obligations.

In this segment, we would particularly like to highlight the project we are proud of, which has made Jadranka Group one of the biggest buyers of domestic products. In addition to the long-term cooperation with family farms from the islands of Lošinj and Cres, the Jadranka Group has established cooperation with several family farms from Slavonia, Baranja and Dalmatia, and thus became the first hotel company that successfully linked green and blue Croatia. The network of partners is expanding, we are currently successfully cooperating with about 60 family farms. They are all family-run farms that develop natural and balanced cultivation and whose products have been awarded with environmental certification that guarantees the highest quality of the offer. This way, each guest of Jadranka hotels, villas and restaurants and the customer at Jadranka stores has the opportunity to taste local products as well as experience first-hand the whole story about traditional production, which adds value to the whole project and ultimately promotes Croatian tourism. 


The ISO 50001 Energy Management Certificate confirms the consistent implementation of the long-term plans of Jadranka hotels, which is reflected in the strategic plans and business components of all the Group members, and most of all, in day-to-day operations aimed at improving the service and satisfaction of guests, employees and the local community. The integration of the green business strategy is successfully complemented by the mission and vision of the Group and represents a key factor in the promotion of tourist qualities of Lošinj, since the island itself represents a natural oasis abounding in therapeutic factors that have beneficial effects on all its inhabitants and on the growing number of guests that come to Lošinj year after year.

This is also supported by the fact that the Jadranka Group is a proud holder of the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certificate and the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Certificate. Environmental care is part of our investment cycle for restoring hotel capacities and repositioning on the tourist market.

Also, the hotel brand Lošinj Hotels&Villas is one of the top green hotel facilities in Croatia thanks to the Sustainable Hotel Certificate for the introduction of green business.

In addition, Jadranka cooperates with the Town of Mali Lošinj and the Public Institution Priroda on issues of revitalization and afforestation of the Čikat forest park, which is the jewel and trademark of Lošinj.

Local community

Since its founding, Jadranka Group has been the largest company in the Cres-Lošinj archipelago that employs most of the local population and has remained one of the main generators of development in the region. There is practically not a single family on the island whose at least one member is not employed at Jadranka.

We are strongly involved in the development of Lošinj in all segments, through cooperation with the Town of Mali Lošinj and the Town Tourist Board on various projects (from infrastructure, sports, and cultural projects to soft projects) and through the development of our own projects aimed at improving the hotel and tourist offer of the island. In 2016, the company Jadranka hoteli was awarded a special recognition by the Croatian Chamber of Economy - County Chamber Rijeka for significant investments in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

As a hospitality-trading company, we are aware of the importance of our active role in creating new staff and educating new generations of caterers at all levels. Therefore, we are proud of our partnership with our Ambroz Haračić High School, through which we participate directly in the education system by conducting educational workshops and lectures. In cooperation with four high schools at the local and national level, we provide practical teaching for students of catering and trade professions. Those students who meet the criteria (grades and conduct) are able to complete their entire summer professional practice at the Jadranka hotel facilities (4* and 5 * facilities exclusively) and the Jadranka stores. The best students/trainees acquire the possibility of being awarded scholarships, and scholarship holders are offered permanent employment after graduation.

We cooperate with faculties and colleges (hosting, knowledge transfer, networking) and financially support various projects in the field of education and social life. We are open to the needs of our fellow citizens, we are proud sponsors of local sports clubs and various events.