The structure of Jadranka Group

In 2004, in order to increase the efficiency of business and to facilitate future growth, Jadranka d.d. became a holding company.

The Group consists of Jadranka d.o.o. – the parent company that generates revenue through the management of the holding company and real estate leasing, and its subsidiaries in which the parent company holds the majority of shares:


·         Jadranka turizam d.o.o., business share: 100%

·         Jadranka trgovina d.o.o., business share: 100%

·         Marine Medical Center d.o.o., business share: 100%

·         Grmov d.o.o., business share 100%

·         Yacht Club Velopin d.o.o., business share 70%.

·         Kamp Slatina d.o.o., business share 62.5%


In addition, Jadranka d.o.o. holds less than 50% of shares in the following companies:

·         Zračno pristanište Mali Lošinj d.o.o., business share: 40.5%.


Since 1995, radio station "Radio Lošinj radio Jadranka" has been operating within Jadranka with its radio frequency covering the local area.